Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness Resources

OIRE's staff are its primary resource. Please feel free to contact Tracey Baham or Kayla Mouchett for more information about Institutional Effectiveness. Additionally, some documentation is provided below.

A TracDat guide was created to help units enter their assessment-related content for the four-column matrix, as well as review previous IE reports or other documentation.

As an introduction and explaination of the theory and philosophy behind assessment, OIRE staff created a BlackBoard course to explain the process, outcomes, measures and criteria for success, results, and use of results. You may self-enroll in this course at At the top left, click the "Self Enrollment" option, then scroll through the list of options provided and click "Enroll" for the "Institutional Effectiveness Training" course. This course has five modules, and each module has a test. If you complete each test with at least an 80%, then OIRE will provide you with a certificate that you could then use to supplement your employee file or teaching portfolio.


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